V*Eats (vegan eats) pronounced (veets) has been a dream of mine that has come true. The dream is to travel around the world trying vegan eats in different towns with my vegan friends and then share them with my beautiful readers.

Where to go and what to order have always been one of the frustrating and exciting things about being vegan. Stay tuned for reviews, photos, maps and more.

Coming Soon!

Restaurant reviews of the following:  Millennium, The Vegan Van, The Wedge Pizzeria, Cinnaholic, Vicecreme, Spiral Diner, Walnut Grille, Star Ginger, Kasbah Lounge, Broderick Roadhouse, 24 Diner, Viva Vegeria!, Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream Co., Counter Culture, El Papagayo, Garden Grille, Golden Lotus Vegetarian, Ikes, Life Alive Cafe, Main Street Juice, Omkar Pure Indian, Picasso Cafe, Pushkin’s,  Veggie Grille, and more.