Episode 3 — Organic & Non GMO Certifications

Episode Notes:

  • Anything labeled as Organic is non-GMO.
  • Anything labeled non-GMO isn’t always organic.
  • Click here for USDA Organic Certification and Accreditation Guidelines.
  • Correction: Don said inspections are once every 6 years this is incorrect farms are inspected annually. Here is some information on the enforcement of the guidelines.
  • Link to The National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances is here.
  • How to avoid GMO’s and pesticides? Grow your own fruits and veggies. The freshest is the best.
  • Information on Olestra is here.
  • To schedule a Health Coaching appointment with me you can book a time here.
  • Click here to be like Don and try a Carolina Reaper.
  • Coaching call tip: small goals can lead to big results.

Thank you for listening. The next show will be about gardening. To listen to the most recent podcast, please feel free to visit me on Patreon and subscribe we are currently airing weekly shows every Thursday on radiokaos.net at 5pm PST.

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Episode 3 — Organic & Non GMO Certifications
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