Episode 2 — Healthy Living

Episode Notes:

In this episode, we talked about a variety of things, healthy living, cookbooks, and vegan cooking. We shared our own kitchen disasters and I made Don laugh.

  • The mushroom that we spoke about is called Matsutake and you can find more information here.
  • Recipes on my blog we spoke about here.
  • Recipes on Patreon we talked about you can find here.
  • Schedule a FREE consult with me here.
  • Sneaky names for MSG here.
  • The movie we talked about is called Fat Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross and you can watch that free on YouTube.
  • Make sure you are getting enough water in your body, your body needs it to thrive.
  • Douglas Lisle, The Pleasure Trap is a great book about cravings.
  • The Cultured Kitchen Products can be found here.

The next show will be about food production and organic certifications. Thanks for listening. To listen to the most recent podcast, please feel free to visit me on Patreon and subscribe we are currently airing weekly shows every Thursday on radiokaos.net at 5pm PST.

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Episode 2 — Healthy Living
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