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Vegan Diets Better at Reducing Heart Disease Risk

A vegan diet reduces inflammation linked to heart disease, according to preliminary data presented at the American Heart Association’s (AHA) annual meeting and published in the AHA’s journal Circulation. Researchers randomized 100 participants with heart disease to either a vegan diet or the AHA’s recommended eating patterns for 8 weeks and tracked inflammation. Participants received groceries and guidance from a registered dietitian for each diet. Those who followed the vegan diet significantly reduced their inflammation markers, while those who followed the AHA diet did not. Dietary adherence among the vegan group was also significantly higher at the midpoint and at the end of the study.

Driggin E, Ganguzza L, Velez de Villa B, et al. Factors associated with participation of patients with coronary artery disease in a randomized study of a vegan versus American Heart Association-recommended diet: interim analysis. Poster presented at: American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2017; November 11-15, 2017; Anaheim, CA.

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