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Organ removal as cancer prevention?

I recently read that Angelina Jolie had another unnecessary surgery to remove perfectly healthy organs. She did this because she has a gene that was passed to her from her mother that hasn’t even been turned on yet. I do understand her panic but In my nutrition studies I learned that Cancer can be turned on and off, based on what you put into your mouth every day, Cancer thrives in a body that has a high level of animal protein change your diet to plants and it will not thrive it will actually shut off the growth and reduce cancer cells. [1,2,3,4] Kris Carr is a perfect example of this she has been living with stage 4 cancer for over 10 years, thriving on a whole foods plant based diet. [5]. So what doesn’t everyone seek the holistic alternative the less invasive? Were living in a fast paced world of quick fixes & magic pills that don’t make us better they tend to make us sicker, it’s frustrating. Hard to watch and hard to read. I will never understand why Angelina chose to do something so radical as to cut her body up when there is a less invasive alternative.

Technology & Science is moving faster than ever diseases are being cured, and/or managed better than ever before with the recent breakthrough by biomedical scientists at Cornell University it gives me a lot of hope. They found that Injecting white blood cells with a special protein transform them into ‘Super Natural Killer Cells’, that can wipe out cancer. [6] How cool is this, were looking at 2 years down the road. The Link and video are below.


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