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Happy Halloween & Candy

Updated for 2018

Halloween is here yay! I just updated this blog from last year.

The following is a list all of the non-dairy cruelty-free vegan and vegetarian candies.

Healthy ALternatives

Some parents to keep their kids healthy will take their candy bags away from their kids.

Few alternatives to taking candy away from babies:​
Why not try this ask to trade all their candy with another basket of toys? Make it available so when they come home you can trade, just make sure it’s worth the price of their bag of candy. Here are a few toys from the 2018 Amazon best toys guide.
This is my favorite what about offering delicious alternatives like banana ice cream? Or my Glowy Green Smoothie?Have your kids give you 10  pieces of candy in trade.  

Have a SPOOKY Halloween

For more candy options visit :  Veg to date they have the largest Vegan Holiday Candy List that I could find.
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