Dine & Demo Raw Vegan Style

The Green Boheme has been my guilty pleasure since I walked in the doors several years ago. This place was located in Del Paso Heights at the time and the charm of the cafe, the people that worked there and the people that eat there will forever be the reason I always come back. Oh and the food … Yes the food so delicious and yummy, every meal seasoned to perfection, made with love. When Brooke moved The Green Boheme to Roseville I stopped visiting as frequently and hadn’t caught one dine and demo at the new spot. So when she announced on Facebook this:

Yes, my phone needs a charge.

I jumped at the chance to be there and get a first-hand look at my favorite meal. I have to say when you watch Brooke create these plates she does it with the grace of a dancer and when she taste her food you can see her delight in making the flavor taste perfect. She genuinely loves to make food and puts love into every single bite. To start, we had this lovely Mint & Cucumber infused water. It was so good, I have a feeling I am going to try this at home very soon!

So refreshing!

Then we had our Meatloaf and Mash with a nice refreshing green salad with beets, carrots, and fennel. So delicious.

Raw vegan apple pie OMG so yummy. Thank goodness I gave away the last few bites of my meatloaf and mash.

So good I almost forgot to get a pic

When our bellies were full and we were all feeling the love from the delicious food we watched Chef Brooke demonstrate her wonderful raw vegan magic chef skills. This class was worth it the food delicious and I immediately wanted to go home and start to make me some meatloaf in hopes a little bit of Chef Brooks magic brushed off on me.

Roseville is so lucky to have the Green Boheme gracing their presence.

The Green Boheme New Location

To join them for a dine and demo or a visit The Green Boheme at the-green-boheme.myshopify.com

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