Picture of vegan Haagen-Dazs in a cone
Texas,  V*Eats


It’s amazing how one photo can travel me back in time to the moment it was taken. A memory never is forgotten forever captured. The last few weeks my chronic illness is kicking my butt, I’ve had to take breaks and take it easy. I am trying to learn to enjoy the ups and downs and to take these moments to reflect on my daily habits to make things better for myself. It makes me not feel like my downtime is wasted time. 

The photo above was taken on a hot day in San Antonio, Texas. Walking the streets as a tourist, I spotted it. A Haagen-Dazs with a non-dairy ice cream sign, I heard rumors of their vegan ice cream so I had to investigate this oasis.

Dragging my local tour guide, who is a good friend inside, pushing through the crowd, I walk up to the ice cream case, scanning the flavors I ask “The new non-dairy flavors? Are they vegan?” (Sometimes non-dairy doesn’t always mean vegan) the lady responds with a smile on her face “yes they are and they are delicious, do you want to try?”.

I hadn’t had ice cream from an ice cream shop in over 6 years and I couldn’t choose which one I wanted to try so with the encouragement of my friend I got a scoop of Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle and one of Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge. It was ooeey gooey, creamy, cold, fudgy and peanutty. So delicious! Everything you could want on a hot day in Texas.

Walking the streets with my ice cream cone in hand, I become ”that girl with the ice cream cone”. Kids saying, “mom, I want ice cream” and people asking me where did I get it. I felt normal. I wasn’t the sick girl, the patient, the depressed anxiety-ridden tortured soul. I was the girl with the ice cream cone. I was about 20 licks in, I was too full, and the heat was melting my ice cream down my hand making me all sticky and uncomfortable. I asked my friend if they wanted it, but they were full from our dinner and declined. My friend looked me in the eyes and said “are you sure you are done?”
I nod and say “yes” and like that my cone is swept away into the garbage can. Goodbye cone.

Thank you for that beautiful joy-filled moment Haagen-Dazs.

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