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I had the honor to come across a really lovely lady named Season (cool name, right?) that knows a lot about essential oil detox. She has quite a bit of knowledge and I want to share this with you guys. If you decide to do any of these please consult your doctor for advice. I am not a doctor.

What you need

Do you need all of these things? Nope not really but I am putting them here just in case.

I would stress this full detox to anyone that has just got back from getting one of those dreaded vaccines, ouch! And I say this because I just got a list of vaccines with their ingredients and you really should know there are a lot of ingredients in them. When and If you do get a vaccine you can ask for a vaccine insert, this is so you can be educated on what is inside of the shot that they gave you and any side effects you may be getting will be listed on that as well.

So here you go a few things that can help assist you with building your immune system and detoxing. I don’t have time to list the research and study sources because I am putting this up for my sister-in-law (hi Julie) but I will this week. Also to make things easy I included links to the things I could & will update this sometime this week.

Essential Oils: 

​Other Supplies:

Detox Water

  • 1-2 drops of Lemon or Wild Orange

Put in your water if you are using a reusable bottle make sure it is glass or stainless steel.

Detox Bath REcipe

​Soak for at least 15 minutes

bed time food rub

Rub on on feet every night.

Why on feet? Because your feet have the biggest pores in your body so it absorbs quickly. 

Liver & Kidney Rub

Mix together and rub on on kidneys and liver. Morning and night.

Caster OIl Liver Pack

Put a dob on your hand and put on the area of your liver put a rag or washcloth over the top and hot water bottle or heating pad on top of that.

Lay with it on 20-30  min

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