Adventures In Cooking

My guilty pleasure is watching Tastemade videos and watching cooking shows on Netflix. My favorite cooking movies are Noma & Chef and I’ve watched them more than once. I love watching people who have a passion to cook and people that use a lot of creativity in their cooking. I also love teaching people how to cook.

Recently I made my own version of a Vegan Cubano just because I wanted to taste what the fuss was about, it needs work and better bread but I got the basics down.

My attempt at a vegan Cubano

My struggle has and will always be making healthy food taste great. I take from different sources, my moms old cookbooks, current cookbooks and watching bits and pieces of tv shows, then I form my own recipe vegan style.

Fall is coming soon… I love the fall months. I naturally eat using Ayurveda principles so I tend to have more warming foods In the winter this means I will be cooking more warming foods and spending less time eating fruits and veggies, this means more recipes to share with you… yay!

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Aimee Vegezy

I am Aimee. Welcome to my website. Whether you are thriving with a chronic illness or just want to get a little bit healthy. I hope I can be your guide.