Street art – for the Animals

1 Comment   To me graffiti is like the glitter or confetti, sprinkled on the canvas of this world. I posted this blog a few years ago, with no words and it was titled “Veggie Street Art” the name has changed and photos have been updated and I will continue to update them for you to enjoy.

2013 Post:
While walking downtown, I came across this message “Beet’s not Beef” on a mail box. I had to take a double take and then I took a photo, to share with you all. I’m a fan of street art so I couldn’t resist. 

This got me wondering if there was other street art out there with a similar message and a quick Google search turned up these images. Enjoy.

Beets not beef!
Happy fruits and veggies, yay!
Carrot, yum!
Cute little bunny!
Live long and prosper!
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