You Are Not Too Old To Live Your Dreams.

I love this and my favorite Louise Hay and she isn’t even on this list. At 51 years old, she wrote “you can heal your body”, followed by you can heal your life which became a best seller twice. At age 69 in 1995, she started Hay Ride which was a very famous support group for gay men living with HIV and their families. This started as a 6 man group in her living room and blew up to 600 in an auditorium. (I could go on about that because some of those men are alive today when having HIV/AIDS was a death sentence). She gave those thriving with HIV/AIDS hope and purpose and embraced them with love at a time when some uninformed feared they would catch this virus just by hugging those with HIV/AIDS.

Today she owns a publishing house has published over 130 authors and has sold over 50 million copies of her book “you can heal your life” she’s 89 years old now!

Bottom line you are not too old to live your dreams, I don’t buy this I am too old for that crap because at 69 Louise was just starting out and at 89 she’s still working it. So whatever you love whatever you want to do, go for it, dream big because if this 51-year-old lady from a poor disadvantaged background can do it, so can you!  💕❤️

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