You Know All Those Things You Always Wanted ?

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My life has been changed, for the better. I never knew I would make it here, I didn’t know that I could do it, but I did and I’m 1/2 way there. Sometimes I feel like Who am I? Not the same person that I was before, that is for sure.

I have learned so much in such a short amount of time about diet, nutrition as well as about myself. I’ve learned something that was a shocking realization, that people believed in me, even more then I believe in myself.

When I started on my adventure a great friend of mine sent me this quote. I’ll never forget it, a sweet blessing, a nudge from the right person at the right time, and to be honest it was a much needed nudge.

My thought at the time was someone believes in me, one person believes that I can do something, then I can believe in myself too.

What a blessing my beautiful angel of a friend to be there in my darkest moment and give me such a gift of hope.

They say a patient’s ability to heal is a reflection of their belief that they are going to heal and the doctor’s belief that they will heal. I think the same thing goes with trust and belief in other people. When people started to believe in me, I started to believe in myself. I am becoming a healer, I am a healer. Well, I am helping people, turn on that natural healing mechanism we all have and I am making a difference. That is all I ever wanted. Loving this adventure. Loving my friends new and old.


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Aimee Vegezy

I am Aimee. Welcome to my website. Whether you are thriving with a chronic illness or just want to get a little bit healthy. I hope I can be your guide.