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Day #21 Raw Vegan Challenge

It is day #21 of the Raw Vegan Challenge. I have been very busy and have not had much time to wind down. Today I have my sister-in-laws bridal shower, tomorrow I have my uncles birthday, I also have to do shopping and prepare a meal plan for this week. I feel exhausted but at the same time being raw has given me WAY more energy then I have had before. I hope to get, shopping, the gym and tanning in today and I hope I can do it all. 

I did purchase a few raw vegan recipe books and I think I’m going to try to attend as many cooking classes as I can at the Green Boheme, I want to learn as much as I can so I can be confident in the kitchen.

I talked to my honey and we have decided that this may be a permanent lifestyle change for us. We might eat cooked once in awhile, but I do think that we will stick to this. It’s seems a bit hard to go back to a vegan diet once we have tried the raw vegan diet, and have learned the science and benefits of being raw. – A

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Aimee Vegezy

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