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Day #16 Raw Vegan 30 Day Challenge — Update

I got busy and never posted this update – It’s day 16 of the Green Boheme Raw challenge.  We have had a few problems, my honey had issues with his caffeine withdrawal, bad headaches that made him super grumpy, this in turn made me grumpy …because … well…that is just what happens when you live with someone who is grumpy.  His headaches have subsided, thank goodness.  I too was having problems, leg pains just at night.  I am not sure if it was just from being in the kitchen all the time standing preparing food etc.  It could be, who knows but every day I make our Juice, our smoothie and our big salad for the day, I also make our dinner.  I really have enjoyed learning new ways of cooking and this has to be the most unique flavorful delicious food that I have ever made, tasted, and experienced.  I recommend that everyone try raw vegan food at least once, they wont be sorry.

This whole experience has rated as one of my top life experiences, I feel very blessed to have found The Green Boheme and I feel honored to be learning from a teacher like Chef Brooke and really feel great that my hubby is so understanding and supportive.

Life is Good – A

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