What is this in my garden? Kale seeds?

So for about a week, I have been staring at my overgrown garden, yep just staring at it. I was thinking this is going to be a lot of work, and It will be but….. staring at it isn’t doing me any good. ​Preparing to hack down my Kale bushes, they are called pants duh, but trust me they grew into huge bushes, almost trees (I blame the Azomite and worm castings) I noticed these pea pod like things growing all over my Kale plant, last year they didn’t do this and the year before they didn’t either, so why now?

I searched the web and found this lovely video. Guess what? after 2 years Kale plants flower and go to seed. 2 years… what? So guys and gals I guess my plant is dying RIP Kale bushes, I didn’t even name you guys yet!!! I was thinking I had the everlasting Kale plant but its time on this planet is up.

I was able to harvest a few of the seed pods, but a large portion of the plant is still green. So now I wait & stare at my overgrown garden until these pods turn brown and I can harvest them so I can dominate the world with more kale plants!! ​

My precious kale seed pods!!

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