Raw Vegan Fruity Pebbles

Summertime is almost here and I am craving some cooling breakfast options. I miss cereal but not all the naughty stuff that is in traditional cereal (have you read the nutrition labels? Insanity!). So with that being said, I am welcoming this new yummy treat into my belly! This can double as a healthy dessert and a snack. It is super easy to make and totally healthier than cereal. On the go, no problem, throw it in your favorite mason jar and eat when you are ready. Enjoy this my loves. Raw Vegan Fruity Pebbles Prep Time: 2 minutes Total Time: 2 minutes Breakfast, Recipes Raw Vegan Servings: 1 Person Ingredients 1 cup of almond milk or your choice of nondairy milk 1 cup of cherries 1/2 cup of blueberries Instructions Pour in all the berries in bowl Add milk ​Enjoy! 6.4.1 https://vegezy.com/04/29/raw-vegan-fruity-pebbles/