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Ikea hot dog review and a Hack

I had a vegan IKEA dog and it was yummy. The ingredients are pretty amazing healthy and plant-based.

Ikea Veggie Dog Ingredients:
Kale, red lentils, quinoa, carrots, onion, ginger and spices. It comes on a plain bun with a horseradish mustard, red cabbage and crispy roasted onion crisps giving it a delicious crunch.

The price was great $2.75 for two plus a fountain drink. The vegan meal was was .50 cents cheaper than it’s traditional cancer-causing counterpart.

The ambiance was IKEA so lots of people scattering about. You stand in line cafeteria style, place and purchase your order. Then grab a seat pour your own drink and eat. We both agreed that they should put two dogs in one bun because the buns are quite a bit big compared to the size of the hot dog. We are vegans, after all, not delicate birds.

So my IKEA hack would be to ask them to double down on the dog and then and only then you will have yourself the most perfect after shopping snack. Fewer calories and none of the cancer that the traditional dogs give you.

Compliments to them for not being jerks and charging the extra vegan tax.

Thanks, IKEA ♥️

Sacramento Ikea Address

700 Ikea Court
West Sacramento, CA 95605

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