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Cherimoya Goodness

I have been using the wisdom from John Kohler that the one fruit and vegetable you need the most is the one you don’t eat so when I go to the store for my groceries, I seek out something new in the produce isle and I won’t leave until I find something new and good. I encourage everyone to do this it brings the excitement to shopping and trying something new even as small as a new produce is a lot of fun.

While shopping, this beautiful Cherimoya caught my eye and I passed it up a few times thinking I wouldn’t even know how to cut it or what it taste like. Instead of letting my discomfort of the unknown get the better of me I threw it in my cart. When we got home I turned to “YouTube the wise” on how to eat one. Pretty simple I choose to cut in 1/2 and  eat it with a spoon. The taste was amazing had a very creamy texture and a very sweet taste. They do have seeds which are poisonous so we had to be careful to throw them away and make sure the dog didn’t get a hold of any of them.

I wanted to buy more and try it in a smoothie but when we went back to our co-op they were gone.

Soooo until we meet again my sweet lovely cherimoya. Great Source of :

B-complex vitamin
Vitamin C

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