Heres To My Little Crazy Ones

I’m always working on my primary foods for my Integrative Nutrition class. I wrote this weeks ago but didn’t post it because time flies when you are having fun. So here it is!!!

The subject of fitting in and fitting out was the topic of discussion last week, so I was very conscious of my behaviors and how I try to fit in and where in my life I fit out.

I have the pleasure of being surrounded by children at every family event, they keep me smiling, laughing and they have my whole heart. At a recent family event my nephews I will call them SweetT & SweetM (not disclosing names for private reasons) needed to have something to do so I suggested we play tic, tac, toe. We chose our markers I was purple (of course) and I drew the game board for them and one started he marked his x and the other his o’s and then they both turned to me and looked at me and said “your turn” and I had this moment where my heart just melted and I could have said “there are only “x’s & o’s, in tic tac toe, I don’t get a turn” but this look on their faces they wanted this connection with me, they wanted me to play and sometimes a lesson on thinking outside the box is much more important then following the rules so I just said “ok then I will be hearts” and that was it, we played the game with 3 players. They may not know how to play the game properly anymore but maybe this is a lesson to them one that is far bigger than playing the game by the rules, that there is always a way to do something different they don’t always have to follow the rules and fit in, they can fit out. Maybe one day one of them will be in the same situation and they will remember crazy Auntie Aimée who played tic tac toe with hearts & never really cared if she fit in & they too will play tic tac toe with their own design maybe a lightening bolt? Or a happy face?

All I know is that I learned so much from them that day, having a connection is far more important than following the rules and sometimes you just need to listen to your heart.  I absolutely love my SweetM and SweetT they are 4 & 7 and they are teaching me life lessons.

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